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EdStop1 (Brainpop is under "School Help")


Hunting the Elements from NOVA (50 min. show)

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements from NOVA

The Elements Song

For fun: Growing Suagr Crystals (making rock candy) - Download .pdf

Chapter 1: Building Blocks of Matter - Pretest - Test Prep

Lesson 1: What are the the properties of matter? Physical or Chemical Game in Scratch

Lesson 2: What makes up matter?

Lesson 3: What are compounds?

Lesson 4: How can we separate mixtures?

Elements and Atoms: How elements relate to atoms. The basics of how protons, electrons and neutrons make up an atom.

Chapter 2: Changes in Matter - Pretest - Test Prep

Lesson 1: What are physical and chemical changes?

Lesson 2: How does matter change state?

Lesson 3: What are some kinds of chemical reactions?

Lesson 4: How are chemical properties used?

Chemistry Games & Videos from NOVA

Chemistry Jeopardy: Atomic, Physical vs. Chemical, States of Matter