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The Glory that was Greece Greek Root Study

The Greek that influences English words is from a language that was spoken in ancient, or classical Greece over 2,000 years ago. It is from this civilization that we get many important institutions and concepts that define our culture. Examples of this are

* Our alphabet. The Latin alphabet, which we use, is based on the Greek alphabet. The Greek alphabet is used in mathematical and scientific equations as well as for college and special interest fraternities and sororities.

* Political concepts such as democracy, the republic, an autocrat, oligarchy, etc.

* Literary and Artistic concepts such as poetry, drama, comedy, tragedy, metaphor, mythology, Lithography

* Mathematical, Scientific and Architectural concepts: geometry, geology, seismology, architecture, archeology, etc.

Cadeusus* Medical terms. The oath that all doctors take is called the "Hippocratic Oath", after the Greek physician Hippocrates. The symbol of medicine is the cadeusus, a staff carried by Hippocrates.

Many of you learned about or are learning about ancient Greece in 6th grade. You can learn more and quiz yourself at the links on the left side of this page.

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The top link below is to online flashcard sets. Start with Familiarize, move on to Learn, Scatter game and end with the online test. You can print out the word lists and flashcards for each list for offline study. See if you get an A on each test - and match your Scatter score with your classmates! Each list has 30 roots and their meanings.

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