East Asian Languages

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  1. Survival Chinese page includes audio files for most phrases. Great new parenting section for adoptive parents. Explanations of the tone system.

  2. Chinese Language Related Information Page. Lots of links to Chinese language and cultural resources on the web.

  3. How to display Chinese on the WWW - sources for Chinese fonts, etc.

  4. MIT's Chinese News and Magazines: list of online publications


  1. Cantonese Language Association



  1. Taiwanese Language Page. Information and lessons on native Taiwanese languages and links to other Taiwanese pages.

  2. Introduction to Holok Overview of the language with examples. Warning - there are random weird links throughout the text. Only click over links you are really interested in following.


Hakka Language: Includes history of the dialect and a good-sized word and phrase list.


  1. Ni-Ka's Japanese in 10 Minutes: online mini-course with cultural notes

  2. Traveler's Japanese With Voice: online mini-course with pronunciation notes, audio files and useful phrases

  3. Kiko House's Quick Japanese Lesson: romanized lesson on eating out at a Japanese restaurant with audio files

  4. A list of online Japanese Language Resources including a link to the sci.lang.japan FAQs.

  5. MIT's Japanese Language News and Magazines: list of online publications



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