Indo-European Languages

The following collection of language learning links was selected according to the following criteria: the lessons are free, of pedagogical merit, and minimally commercial (no popups or browser-takeovers). Links open a new browser window. The links have been updated as of May 23, 2006

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Fun with Indo-European !



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For a description of Armenian see Armeniapedia


Armenian for Non-Armenian Speakers - You will need to switch your browser to View Armenian encoding or download Armenian language support, a link to which is provided at the beginning of the course. You will probably have to pump up the text size too.




Modern Greek:

  1. BBC's Talk Greek site for beginning learners




  1. About Gothic: Gothic is the earliest extensively recorded Germanic language that has come down to us.


  1. BBC German Language Learning site. Online lessons and multimedia. Beginner - advanced.
  2. Michigan Electronic Library's German Language resources include links to an online German- English dictionary, German grammar, and info. for German students.
  3. MIT's German News and Magazines: list of online publications

Modern Scottish (Scots):

Wir Ain Leid: Introduction to Modern Scottish. Not a Gaelic language, a Germanic language with heavy Gaelic influence



  1. Cornell University's Russian Student's bookmarks: Lots of excellent resources for Russian students. Where to get free cyrillic fonts, Russian studies info., exchange programs, Russian language resources.
  2. The University of Pittsburgh's REESWeb: Well-organized collection of links devoted to Russian and East European studies, arranged by topic. Includes interactive databases.
  3. Russian Poetics - collection of modern Russian folk songs and culture.
  4. MIT's Russian News and Magazines: list of online publications



  1. Links to Hindi Resources Excellent page with links to online Hindi lessons, word lists, Devanagari fonts, info. on language, humor, literature and culture. Also includes Sanskrit and Urdu resources.


  1. Urdu Pronunciation, Alphabet and Vocabulary List
  2. Urdu Resources at the bottom of the Hindi page - several links.


  1. Yamada Guide to Persian: Persian fonts, mailing lists, newsgropups. Link to Irani news center.
  2. Farsi Script Interface: Type in transliterated Persian and the program converts it into beautiful Arabic script.